ImaginationWorks, Inc.
Courting Prospects & Romancing Your Customers
Clutter-busting communications online and offline. Building Credibility with your own books.

                          Hi and welcome.  As a visitor to this site, it's likely you've been referred by a colleague.
                          Let's get acquainted and see if we're a match for what you're looking for.

                          We are "stealth consultants," meaning we deliberately maintain a low profile and work
                          exclusively with clients who are referred to us. In almost all cases, the person being
                          referred has a business relationship with the referrer, who is often a client.

                          When we moved from the Dallas area in 2002, we quietly disappeared from the radar and 
                          now live in the Upper East Side of Texas. In that time, we've worked with clients spanning
                          time zones from Europe to Australia from our corner of the world in the lake district of the
                          Piney Woods.

                          Our specialty is customer acquisition and retention using both online and offline strategies.
                          We've spent
decades creating winning campaigns for Fortune 500 and Fortune e-50
                          companies and their agencies, as well as entrepreneurs.

                          We consult with a limited number of clients so you always get us. We promise never to
                          shuffle you off to a "B" team after we agree to work together. Here are the types of projects
                          we do best. . .

                                 - Write and publish books, including books for clients
                                   to use as marketing tools

                                 - Create customized contact plans and messages
                                   to cultivate prospects and customers

                                 - Develop direct response marketing campaigns for
                                   both online and offline promotions


                          Our business has been built entirely on referrals.  In addition to writing for our own clients,
                          we also write anonymously for other leading copywriters and other professionals in the
                          creative field.  We each have over three decades of experience. . . and counting.

                          Direct response marketing and information product development have been the focus of our
                          careers for over three decades.  That means we aren't kids and have been in the trenches.
                          We work at a level newly hatched marketing "experts" can't approach since our experience
                          pre-dates the Internet. 

                          When the Internet was opened to commercial use, we were among the first direct marketers
                          to learn about the new communications medium and grasp the incredible marketing power
                          that had been unleashed.

                          Our experience goes beyond sales copy to make sure clients have a well-designed sales
                          process and follow-up system to create the highes
t level of first-time and repeat sales.

We also now work with clients who need help writing or producing books of their own to
                          be a part of their overall marketing strategy.

                          Having broad experience in many industries allows us to write effectively for a wide range
                          of business niches.  You can review a partial list of clients served on this site.

                          Once you review our credentials on the site, call or send us an email from the Contact Us
                          page.  Tell us about yourself your company and the type of assistance you need.  We look
                          forward to discussing your project with you.

                                                                                                    Best regards,

                                                                                                    Lew and Anita Williams



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